Inspire Empowerment.

Elevate the Norm.



DAMASSIA is a ready-to-wear women’s label. All designs and productions are based in Canada.

The DAMASSIA label started off as providing custom designed garments for their clients.

Now the label will offer a new ready-to-wear 2019 collection, along with sleek accessories and new exotic beauty products.

Having a theatrical costume design background, DAMASSIA identified a void in the professional woman’s fashion lifestyle wardrobe; it was the absence of alluring sleek garments with drama.

Sleek modern designs and the beauty of nature influenced the inspiration for the fashion collections, accessories, and beauty products.

Strong focus is placed on fabric textures in the construction of garments.

It is paramount when selecting an exotic beauty product that it complements all women’s skin types.

Sleek city skylights influenced the inspiration for the accessory line.

We inspire empowerment by creating modern sleek design products. We create alluring fashion garments, accessories, and beauty spa products.

DAMASSIA strives to inspire the modern day woman to be the QUEEN OF HER LIFE.